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Contractual research

A lot of companies have a high demand for industry research, because fitting core competencies either do not exist in their own businesses, would first need to be built up or there are strategic, economic or schedulewise reasons that the needed research results and development targets are implemented in cooperation with the GSI mbH NL SLV Munich as a service provider. For current problems science based solutions can be developed in defined time frames. 

With all industrial research and development operations it is a implicitness, that neutrality and a confidental handling in consideration of non-disclosure agreements are kept, as well as acting accorinding to standard technical rules and the high  levels of expertis of our employees. 

Despite exclusive rights of use of the contractual partners particularly for small and medium-sized companies there are possibilities of public sponsorship of cooperation projects.

With a with to our high standards we ask you to get in touch with us directly.

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