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Resistance welding

Service offers resistance spot welding

Since the existence of the GSI mbH, NL SLV Munich we research and develop in the field of resistance welding technique. From long-standing, tight cooperation with customers, contractors and machine manufacturers we have an extensive know-how for you at our disposal. Therewith we provide individual and standardized offers for development services for the resistance welidng for you - from the process development with parameter optimization through procedural compontent examinations to assistance on site.

  • Process development and optimization of welding parameters
  • Examination of suitable boundary conditions for the resistance welding (material selection, component geometry, clamping technology)
  • Joints with lots of materials (magnesium, aluminium, high-strength steels, higher carbonated steels)
  • Pilot series
  • Destructive and non-destructive testings
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Process-/Working analysis
  • Damage analysis
  • Cooperation with machine manufacturers, welding contrators and users
  • Information and advice:
  • Neutral, independent, alternative procedures and applications
  • Exchange of experience, courses (Theory, traineeship)

Range of trainings

Course resistance welder – Setter according to guideline DVS® 2940 (EN1418)


Plant operators and setters of resistance welding facilities, skilled worker, welding instructors, company executives for the manufacturing of resistance welded components

Brief description

The resistance welding is one of the most important joining method in the sheet-metal working industry. The joining process is really complex though, so that problems occur frequently in the production (i.a. due to lack of knowledge and faulty settings). If you want to ensure the high quality level, a professional personnel qualification is urgently needed.

The GSI mbH NL SLV Munich therefore offers the setter course resistance welding according to DVS® guideline 2940. With this DVS® course practical and theoretical qualified skilled workers are trained to resistance weld metallic materials.

The resistance welder – setter – is the skilled worker for resistance welding responsible for the manufacturing. He has the knowledge and the skills to carry the quality assured works in the field of resistance welding out. The exam should bring the verification of the accumulated knowledge during the course.


  • Resistance spot welding
  • Resistance projection welding
  • Roller seam welding

The course is recognized as a further training. For the exams the participation requirements according to guideline DVS® 2940 apply.


The number of participants is limited to 10 persons. Changes of dates and prizes are subject to change.   

Dates & Prizes

Seminar/Course Date/Location/Prize (Euro)  
DVS® EWF course european setter for the resistance welding (EWP-RW) according to guideline DVS®-EWF 2940 course    

All seminar costs, course costs and exam costs are, if not stated else, without sales taxes.

Services resistance welding in the section of research and development

Current and finished research to the resistance spot welding

  • Combined corrosion and fatigue strength of joined materials for body-in-white and structural automotive applications design
  • Combined corrosion and fatigue strength of joined materials for body-in-white and structural automotive applications design
  • Development of a suitable electrode editing procedure for the resistance point welding of aluminium materials
  • Optimization of the geometry of imprinted projections for the resistance projection welding of higher and highest strength steel materials
  • Increase of tool life by electrode milling machines
  • Joining of high warm strength materials with the condenser discharge welding (CD welding)
  • Examination for the welding on resistance welding nuts to plates out of higher to highest strength materials
  • Spot weld bonding of higher strength plates

    Informations to the process

    The resistance pressure welding is used to join workpieces by heat and pressure. The required heat is delivered by electric power.

    Depending on the applied procedure the electric power is transferred with electrodes (conductive) or without contact with magnetic fields (inductive) on the workpiece.

    The following procedural variations are available:

    • spot welding
    • projection welding
    • resistance seam welding
    • pressure butt welding
    • flash butt welding

    Our technical equipment

    At the GSI mbH, NL SLV Munich there are various resistance welding machines available for development orders, practical courses and presentations. The different facilites cover a large part of the usual industrial applications. A high machine flexibility due to special equipment features enables also solutions for demanding welding tasks, e.g. spot welding and projection welding of high and higher strength steel materials, welding of aluminium, spot welding bonds i.a.  

    In our new big laboratory we have numerous resistance welidng machines of different sizes and designs.

    The area is supervised by 1 engineer and 2 technicians.

    • Spot welding gut up to 60 kA and 8 kN
    • Hand- and Robotic guns (X and C)
    • Pneumatisc and servo electrical guns
    • special repair welding facilities
    • special welding facilites for production of microparts
    • projection welding machines up to 60 kA and 20 kN
    • Roller seam welding machines
    • AC/DC machines as well as inverter facilities (medium frequency) "MF-DC"
    • Controls of lots of different manufacturers
    • adaptiv process regulations
    • Monitoring devices
    • Standardized quantity test facility
    • Resistance measuring device (contact resistance)

    ..diverse special test facilities

    ..extensive material and spare parts storage

    Our equipment originates from known manufacturers in the area of resistance welding. Threreby we want to thank especially the following partners for the excellent cooperation:


    Our costumers originate from different areas, that deal with resistance welding. Predominantly that is the plate processing industry lke the automotive or the appliances manufacturing:


    Contact persons

    Technical advice

    Dipl.-Ing. Michael Dey

    phone.: +49 89 126802-12

    Technical advice

    Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mirco Dudziak

    phone:+49 89 126802-78


     Manuela Knoll

    phone: +49 (0)89 - 12 68 02 - 27
    mail: knoll(at)

    Contact person

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