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Research Scholarships

The GSI - Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH is a company owned by the DVS  - Deutscher Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren e.V. (German Association for welding and allied processes) – being an innovative service provider the competent partner for trade and industry. Its emphasis has been laid on the fields of

  • education and training,
  • industrial services,
  • research and development.

For the sponsorship of talented, motivated and qualified new generations on all fields of welding and allied processes the financial and technical preconditions for research fellowships have been provided by the GSI branches. The integration to R&D departments with long-standing experience and a strong connection to industry as well as some interesting projects sponsored by public and economy are the basis for comprehensive works leading to success. If suitability is given, there is the opportunity of performing a doctorate at a university institute in close cooperation with the WGF – Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Fügetechnik within the DVS.  

Duration of the sponsorship

The sponsorship is granted for a period of max. 3 years with an annual decision on continuing this term. If the respective preconditions are given, permanent employment is possible.


Necessary preconditions for granting a research scholarship at the GSI mbH are:

  • Scientific assistance by a university professor, preferably from the WGF
  • Fulfilment of the preconditions for the admittance for a doctorate

at the university where the process is to be conducted.

Conversion into practice

  • On the internet sites of the GSI and the corresponding branches, respectively, special topics for possible doctorates are published.
  • Based on informally contacting a coordinator, a formal application will be made.
  • The formal application of the candidate includes:
  • Curriculum vitae and master certificate, respectively –
  • Description of the assignment
  • A scientific explanation of the assignment by the GSI coordinator including a description of how the work has been integrated to the research and development work  
  • A written declaration of the respective university professor offering his disposition for assisting the doctorate.
  • The decision on the  admission as a research scholarship holder is taken by the meeting of the GSI head of branches on the basis of a recommendation by the ressort F&D.
  • An agreement will be made with the assisting SLV.