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Welding with magnetically moved arc

You want to join cross sections bluntly and you need help with the selection of a suitable procedure?

From the selection of the procedure to the quality and error analysis - feel free to contact us!

Range of services

  • Procedural variations, procedural designations
  • MBP-welding, pressure welding with magnetic moved arc
  • MBL-welding, welding with magnetic moved arc
  • Magnetarc-welding, MA-welding
  • Arc stud welding with magnetic moved arc (procedural variation for welding of sockets and threaded socket)

Selection of the joining procedure

  • Welding suitability of the materials
  • Determination of geometric boundary conditions
  • Application testing and demonstration of the welding process
  • Error analysis and optimization of the procedure
  • Support with the creation of prototypes and pilot series
  • Assistance with the series start up
  • Training and qualification of personnel,
  • Information presentations on site
  • Damage analyses

Special characteristics of the procedure

  • Application for closed hollow cross sections, 
  • Wall thicknesses preferably 1 - 6 mm
  • Pressure welding joint, forged structures, no solidified melting structure in the joint
  • simultaneous welding of the whole cross section, minimized distortion and tension cooling
  • little welding bead
  • short welding time
  • good automation capacity
  • preferred use for large scale applications

Technical equipment

  • 5 t MBP machine in vertical design
  • Reel systems for outer or inner magnet field generation

Contact person

SLV München