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Magnetic pulse welding

You want to manufacture tubular lap joints and you need support with the selection and implementation of the appropriate procedure?

From the selection of the procedure up to the quality and error analysis - contact us whenever you need!

Range of services

Procedural variations, Procedural terms

  • MPW magnetic pulse welding
  • MPC magnetic pulse crimping
  • EMPS
  • EMPC
  • EMPT

Selection criteria for the joining technique

  • Suitability of the base materials
  • Determination of the geometric conditions
  • Application testing and demonstration of the welding process
  • Error analysis and optimization of the procedure
  • Support with the preparation of prototypes and pilot series
  • Assistance with the series start-up
  • Training and qualification of the personnel,
  • Information presentation on-site
  • damage analysis

Special characteristics of the procedure

  • Manufacturing of thin walled tubular lap joints, special geometries as well as plane plate lap joints
  • Contact free joining without tool touch
  • very short process times (< 1 ms) through high-speed reshaping
  • no thermal material influence and no softening
  • prefers alumninium and copper materials similarly and can be joined in a lot of material combinations

Technical equipment:

  • MP-System50 kJ – 9kV to weld and shrink
  • Reel systems for variois component dimensions

Contact person

SLV München