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Corrosion examination

For damages due to corrosion suitable methods can determine, if it involves e.g. tension or vibration corrosion, planar or hole corrosion. It can be deteremined, what the cause for the corrosion was and if the damage is rather production or application conditioned. Thus the possibilities to avoid damages can be shown. Furthermore costumized corrosion test according to your specifications can be implemented.

Corrosion tests

The corrostion resistance of materials is not only dependent on the combination of materials and environmental conditions, but also influenced by the processing, especially the welding technique.

The corrosion resistance of various materials can be checked using standardized tests. Corrosion tests, for example to determine the corrosion resistance of stainless steels against inter cristalline corrosion according to DIN EN ISO 3651 (Strauss test / Huey test) or for stress corrosion cracking tests on copper alloys according to DIN 50916 and a few others, are carried out and evaluated in our own laboratory.

After consultation, we would also be happy to carry out corrosion tests according to your specifications. Contact us.