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Welding Inspection Personnel

Welding Inspector according to guideline DVS®-IIW/EWF 1178

Indepedent on whether you manufacture a pressure tank according to the pressure tank guideline, if you operate in the construction supervision field within the DIN EN 1090 or if you provide other welded products, as a manufacturer you have to provide and assure, that the requirements onto a product in the planning and producing are fulfilled. It is recognised that persons who are responsible for this, should have welding and technical knowledge, to fulfill this task professionally and on a legal foundation.

For this purpose the qualification of the International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWIP) was developed. The training is regulated according to the valid international guideline DVS®-IIW/EWF 1178, in which the minimum requirement for the training and exams of the IWP after a three-stage system für Engineers/technician(IWI-C), foreman (IWI-S) and skilled worker (IWI-B) are defined.

For the welding part of the training the qualification of the IWE, IWT and IWS are accepted, that those persons only need the technical part to get the IWIP diploma. This contains, depending on the stage, maximally 97 hours of lessons, which are splitted into independent modules, that can be completed during a time span of 3 years.

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