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Inhouse courses

You are on the look out for special futher eduacation offers in the fields of welding, thermal spraying, corrosion protection tecniques, non destructive materials testing etc.?

We develop for you

  • Inhouse courses accoring to guidelines
  • Individual inhouse courses matched to your company

Your benefits at a glance

    You define the topic and the emphasis of the course. Together with you we specify the contents and the time frame and set the training schedule.
    You define the date, place and duration of the course. Courses are also possilbe in the evenings or during the weekend, so that the workflow in your company is not disturbed.
    You get detailed training documents, that are included in the overall price.
    Confidential atmosphere: In a confidental atmosphere also critical questions can be asked, that couldn't be addressed in a more open setting.
    No further expenses will arise. There will be no travel and staying expenses for your employees.
    Subsequent to the course we gladly give advice and we will help you with the practical implementation of the courses content.
    A lot of companies are satisfied with the quality of our performance. On request we will sent you a list of credentials.

You don't have suitable space for an Inhouse course?

No problem! We will provide suitable premises and undertake the complete organisation of the event.

Gladly we will prepare a non binding course offer.

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