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From the beginning of of the welding training in the "Funkerkaserne" to a modern service provider in the field of welding technology

In august 1950 Dr.-Ing. L. Wolff, chairman of the state association Bavaria and the regional association Munich of the DVS, founded the welding teaching and testing institute (Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt München, SLV) to promote the applications of the welding technology as an independent, charitable, neutral and economically selfsufficient institute.

The welding training workshop which was located in the Dreimühlenstraße 55 in a building owned by the city of Munich before the second world war, was completely destroyed. After the war the workshop was located in a barrack owned by the company Wacker-Chemie in the Döderleinstraße and as of 1949 at BMW in Milbertshofen in building No. 50.

Dr.-Ing. L. Wolff assumed control over the institutiuon after the SLV was founded. The executive management was with the regional association Munich with its director Geiger.

In March 1951 Prof. Dr.-Ing. P. Schimpke assumend the technical control and improved the training activities, the certification of welders and extended the consulting activities of the SLV for industry and trade.

After a reconstruction, Geiger found in the badly damaged building, Lazarettstraße 11 d - today Schachenmeierstraße 37 - which belonged to the Funkkaserne at the time, a new place that was better suited for the welding educatoin and training. In 1953 the training started.

Dr.-Ing. Ruge supervised the construction and took over the management of the SLV on 01.01.1954. Laboratories were set up, the review activities intensified and research assignments were taken over.

The cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts was deepened and the SLV contractually a „Lehrwerkstätte der Handwerkskammer für Oberbayern“ (training workshop of the Chamber of Crafts for Upper Bavaria).

In 1961, with the help of the Federal Ministry of Economics, the Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Transport, the City of Munich, the economy and DVS, the construction of a hall for welding training in gas and arc welding was made possible.

The interior of the old building in 1964 created a new chemical laboratory, an enlarged metallographic laboratory and better office space.

On November 15, 1965, Dr.-Ing. W. Welz took over the management of the SLV.

In 1965, DVS applied for a grant of one million from the Volkswagenwerk Foundation for the further expansion of the SLV in Munich. It was approved in 1966 and the construction was carried out in 1968/69 on its own. The inauguration took place on November 13, 1969. Dr.-Ing. W. Welz was able to significantly expand the research activities of the SLV through practical experience in many fields of welding technology. This included in particular gas-shielded arc welding, submerged arc welding, resistance welding, stud welding, and welding with a magnetically moved arc.

In the 1970s, new processes were included in the investigations: friction welding, plasma welding, laser welding, to name just the most important.

In 1968 the SLV was entrusted with the review of the companies for issuing the small proof of suitability according to DIN 4100 and in 1976 also for the large proof of suitability.

In 1971, Dr.-Ing. P. Huppertz elected, then an employee of TÜV Bavaria. Through him, a close cooperation with the TÜV was established, which in 1973 led to the first joint special welding conference.

This annual conference is regarded by the professional world as one of the most important welding technology events in plant and container construction in Germany.

In a conversation with the Ministry of Finance and the City of Munich, it was possible in December 1979 to plan an adjoining piece of land from the school department for an additional extension. The inauguration of the 20 million project took place on October 16, 1986.

On April 1st, 1988, Dr.-Ing. W. Welz took over the management to Dr.-Ing. habil. H. Zeilinger.

From 1990 to 2006 Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Böhme founded the SLV Munich and further developed the house, among other things. Thermal spraying was established and in 2000 the SLV Munich was incorporated into GSI Gesellschaft Schweißtechnik International mbH.

In 2007, Dipl.-Ing. Zech took over the management of the SLV Munich and from 2011 to 2017 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidi Cramer operated the branch of GSI mbH.

Since January 1st, 2018, Dipl.-Ing. Michael Dey is the head of the SLV Munich.