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welder's qualification - now forgery proof

Why is a welders qualification necessary?

The aim of welders qualifications is to secure the quality of welded works which are done by your employees. In a lot of rulebooks, e.g. in the DIN EN 1090, the Machinery Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive etc. the use of certified welders is required or within the product liabilty and the client demands sufficient qualified personnel.

Welders qualifications for manual welds with processes like gas welding, manual arc welding MIG/MAG and WIG welding are necessary for instance for components made of steel or aluminium for tank construcktions, pressure vessels, high-rise buildings, bridge and hydraulic structures, pressure equipment, ships, pipelines, railway and road vehicles, wind turbines (on- and offshore) etc.

We offer you...

  • Support and training regarding to the welding task and the welder qualification
  • Acceptance of the welders qualification and the acceptance of the examination of the welers technical knowledge
  • Assistance with the preparation of welding specifications
  • Qualified examination and evaluation of test pieces
  • Preparation of test certificates according to the given guidelines
  • In case of urgency also as a 24-hour service
  • Internal storage and documentation
  • Timely notice of expiration (a free-of-charge service provided by us)
  • The subject of the exam is the proof of the skill and theoretical knowledge of the welder.
  • Verification of diplomas & certificates

In addition we are happy to take care that additional requirements, such as site conditions, mirror welding etc. are complied with.

Note: In order to ensure a smooth process, we kindly ask you to contact us timely before carrying out the welder examination. 



As a notified body we carry out welders examination on plates and tubes as well as for all material groups accoring to following guidelines: 


We also certify your welders according to the Pressure Equipment Directive in the field of welded pressure equipment and pipelines in the scope of the Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)

We are happy to assist you within the qualification of welders according to internatioal guidelines (e.g. ASME, Section IX oder AWS D 1.1)

For more detailed information about the approval of welders, simply click here.

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