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CE marking

CE marking – a closed book? No!

The acronym “CE” stands for “Conformité Européenne”, the French term for “European Community”. CE marking indicates that a product complies with the applicable EU Directives and Regulations and can thus be marketed and operated in every EU Member State.

Why CE marking?

To protect consumers and enable the free movement of goods in a united Europe, the European Union has defined safety and health requirements for a variety of products.
When a product is put into circulation on the European Single Market (known as “placing on the market”), the manufacturer must ensure that it fully complies with all of the above safety and health aspects.

For example, products and machinery falling under the scope of the following directives and regulations require CE marking before they can be placed on the market:

What can CE marking do?

CE marking enables you, as a manufacturer, to document that your product has undergone conformity assessment with a positive result and is thus in conformity with all applicable EU Directives and Regulations.  

Who affixes the CE marking?

Generally, manufacturers affix the CE marking to their products under their own responsibility, declaring that all legal requirements have been fulfilled.
In some directives, the lawmaker demands involvement of a third-party testing and certification institute known as a “Notified Body”. In these cases, GSI- Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH takes over the role of Notified Body (identification number 1182) and assists you, as the manufacturer, in complying with all requirements.

How does your product gain the necessary approval?

The product undergoes a conformity assessment procedure, which comprises several stages and considers the following aspects as a minimum requirement:

  • Determination of the EU requirements applicable to your product,
  • Selection of the appropriate module for conformity assessment if various assessment procedures are permissible under the applicable directive or regulation,
  • Assessment of the conformity of your product with the specific requirements,
  • Assessment of the need to involve a Notified Body,
  • Performance of specific product tests according to the requirements in the applicable directive or regulation,
  • Preparation of technical documentation, and
  • CE marking and preparation of the declaration of conformity.

Is CE marking valid indefinitely?

CE marking applies to a specific product and is therefore valid indefinitely. If a product is changed, a new conformity assessment procedure will have to be performed.

What is a CE declaration of conformity?

A declaration of conformity is a written confirmation by a manufacturer, stating that their product fulfils all requirements of the applicable EU Directive.

When is a CE declaration of conformity necessary?

A CE declaration of conformity is mandatory for all products that are subject to an EU Directive or EU Regulation. The declaration of conformity forms part of the Technical Documentation and must be submitted promptly at the request of a supervisory authority.

Who verifies the correctness of CE marking?

Verification of the correctness of CE marking falls under the responsibility of the market supervisory authorities.

We support you!

As GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik International mbH, Notified Body with identification number 1182, we have been designated for various EU Directives and Regulations and support you throughout the entire conformity assessment process in your capacity as manufacturer, making sure you can affix the CE marking to your products as quickly as possible and thus circulate your products throughout the European Union.

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