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Testing offers, monitoring offers, certification offer and qualification offers of the GSI mbH NL SLV Munich

Depending on current effective laws and standards the range of the GSI mbH NL SLV Munich includes the certification of personnel, products and (management-) systems, processes as well as qualification of manufacturers.

In addition to that we can become active a a testing and monitoring site for our costumers.

Certification of personnel

We carry out personnel certification procedures in the following areas of application:

  •  Directive 2014/68/EU (Pressure Equipment) as a Notified Body
    • Welders according to EN 287‑1 / EN ISO 9606‑1 (steel) and EN ISO 9606‑2 (aluminium) and according to EN ISO 14732 for operators and setters for the mechanised and automatic welding of metallic materials.
    • Brazers and operators of brazing facilities according to EN ISO 13585 (formerly EN 13133:2000)
  • Federal State Building Regulations BAY as a BAY23 Notified Body for the inspection of manufacturers of certain construction products and users of certain construction types according to § 17 Sect. 5 Model Building Regulations (MBO) for:
    • DVS 1146 guideline, Welding of reinforcing steel according to DIN EN ISO 17660‑1 for the 111, 114, 135 and 136 processes.
    • Welding according to DIN EN ISO 9606-4 (steel) and DIN EN ISO 9606-2 (aluminium) and according to DIN EN ISO 14732 for operators and setters for mechanical and automized welding of metallic materials.
    • Thermal sprayers according to EN ISO 14918.