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Inspection activities in accredited areas (ISO / IEC 17020)

The inspection body of the GSI SLV is accredited according to ISO / IEC 17020 as an inspection body type C by the German Accreditation Body and, as a government institute, performs a wide range of relevant inspection activities. The GSI SLV inspection body carries out its tasks objectively and impartially.


Our accredited inspection body offers the following services:

  • Production supervision (construction supervision) as an independent inspection body according to ISO / IEC 17020 etc. for welding and corrosion protection projects in steel construction (including structural steel construction, steel bridge construction, hydraulic steel construction, civil engineering), mechanical and plant engineering (including mechanical engineering, plant construction, crane construction, vehicle construction) and comparable areas;
  • Procedure audits, etc. in the technological fields of welding, soldering, flame straightening, as an independent inspection body according to ISO / IEC 17020;
  • Damage analyzes and investigations of damage prevention (e.g. checking the weldability of old steels) as well as damage investigations on damaged parts or parts that are in need of repair (components), plants and systems of metallic materials, as well as their connections and coatings (if applicable, e.g. inorganic layers) as an independent inspection body according to ISO / IEC 17020.


Do you need support with product acceptance, product manufacture, monitoring of procedural procedures and processes as well as products, parts, components and systems? Do you have to prove the conformity of your products, processes, procedures and personnel qualifications according to specific requirements? Our inspectors will be happy to support you!