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Expert reports

Expert reports are drafted whenever

a) the parties involved in a project are of the opinion that the contractually agreed nominal value does not correspond to the actually provided (for example) quality, conformity or performance or

b) damage has already occurred. 

Thus, the commissioning party often also uses expert reports in order to prepare legal disputes.

On behalf of natural persons (private customers) or legal persons (companies and authorities), GSI drafts the most diverse kinds of expert reports with its highly qualified and experienced experts.

Since expert reports are a fixed constituent of our worldwide inspection activities, attention must be paid to the fundamental principles of inspection here too.

Thus, expert reports always have the objective of making binding statements about one or more questions of fact. For this purpose, the existing condition must be assessed first of all. This is often followed by more detailed special investigations which are oriented to the initial findings.

The final statement which must be comprehensible to laypersons and completely verifiable for specialists is then based on the competent interpretation and final evaluation of all the established results by the expert. 


Since our experts have extensive experience in their specialist fields, they are therefore regularly called to our customers' premises in order to draft expert reports. 

GSI's experienced experts know precisely what must be taken into account and investigated where and how.

In addition, they can also call upon a big team of experts from the most diverse subject areas in order to interpret and assess the established data.

Activities as experts 

Different terms are used depending on who the client for an expert report is or at what point in time an expert report is drafted, e.g.:




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