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Supplier audit

This type of audit is carried out as a so-called "second-party audit". These audits are executed, for example, by purchasers or customers themselves or their commissioned representatives such as SLV Duisburg in order to make certain that a company can also satisfy the stipulated, mostly project-specific, requirements. 

The advantage of a supplier audit relates to the fact that, as the audit client, they can stipulate the audit plan and the audit criteria together with our competent auditors. Thus, they can arrange, specifically for the order, for it to be checked whether their supplier satisfies their standards, e.g. with regard to quality, compliance with the performance characteristics and the performances themselves or also the general supply capability. 

In this respect, we use the checklists of our customers, jointly elaborate questionnaires adapted to their concerns or support them in establishing scopes of random samples. We make evaluations of the executed audits in the form of reports.


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