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Rail vehicle construction

Rail vehicle construction deals with the manufacture and maintenance of rail vehicles. Rail vehicles are essentially understood to be locomotives, motor train sets, rail cars, wagons and rail construction vehicles. The existing stock of rail vehicles on the railways in Germany amounts to approx. 12,000 locomotives and rail cars, 15,000 passenger carriages and 130,000 goods wagons.

Companies with activities in the field of welding on rail vehicles are subject to particular requirements.

On April 1, 2008, the DIN EN 15085-1 to -5 standards were introduced by the national safety authority in Germany, the Federal Railway Office (EBA), as recognised technical rules for EBA's area of responsiblity.

Plants which want to carry out welding work in new fabrication, including fabrication welding, or in maintenance must have proven their suitability according to DIN EN 15085, Part 2. The proof is regarded as having been provided if the certificate was issued by a manufacturer certification body. All those certificates of recognised welding plants which were drawn up by a manufacturer certification body recognised by EBA are included in the online register for rail vehicles - Manufacturer certification bodies are recognised by the national safety authority (EBA).

As a manufacturer certification body recognised by the Federal Railway Office, GSI checks the technical and personnel-related prerequisites in the company within the framework of the proof procedure in order to obtain the certificate and issues the certificate for a certain certification level.

The proof procedure focuses on Parts 2 to 5 of DIN EN 15085 (personnel-related requirements, procedure assessments, welder qualification tests, design requirements, execution rules, materials, weld quality classes and planning documents).

Furthermore, we provide you with competent advice with regard to all the joining technology tasks in the field of rail vehicle construction.

GSI provides you with support and advice with regard to all questions for everything to do with the subjects of materials, joining processes, testing procedures, corrosion protection as well as personnel qualification and training.

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