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Plastics technology


High-quality plastics have been proven for many years and have many uses in industry as engineering materials. Thermoplastics in particular are widely used in areas such as plant and industrial engineering, the chemical industry, machinery and apparatus construction, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, or in the packaging sector.  

Plastics are utilized whenever stability and safety of materials against media and environmental impacts are key criteria. The combination of low weight, easy processing, and especially their excellent weldability often gives them an edge over other materials. 

We are your expert for the world of plastics and happy to provide help and advice in all areas of plant and industrial engineering and in other areas of technology as well.


Determining the material parameters through mechanical/physical tests of semi-finished plastic products and plastic components is often the starting point for many other considerations. For this step, having sufficient information about the factors affecting product quality such as processing/assembly conditions and operating conditions (media, temperatures, short and long-term mechanical stresses) is always important.

Our testing laboratory is accredited by GSI mbH according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories) in the area of mechanical/physical testing of bonded plastics.

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If you have to handle damage, we can offer our expertise in plastics engineering to carry out a damage analysis. More information can be found here



Performing professional welding of thermoplastics for new parts and repairs requires personnel with the corresponding qualification and training. Many customers in industry or the relevant public bodies for this area require certified plastics welders.

Further training to become a certified plastics welder provides the opportunity to be up to date on innovations in the areas of welding processes, materials, welding consumables, welder training and examination, and occupational safety and quality assurance at work.

SLV München – a platform for processing and welding thermoplastics (PE-HD, PP, PVDF, PVC) – offers the corresponding preparatory courses according to the DVS® 2280/2281/2282 guidelines. The DVS® 2281/2282 courses can be completed with a test according to the DVS® 2212-1 guideline. The DIN EN 13067 test can also be taken.

More information on our current training program for plastics welding is available here


In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also offer our expertise in the following areas of plastics technology:

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