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Energy technology

Energy technology deals with a large number of interdisciplinary subjects for everything to do with the subject of energy.

In this respect, the increasing energy needs all over the world necessitate the environmentally compatible, economically viable and reliable provision of energy. No matter whether this is generated from fossil, gas-based or coal-based power stations, nuclear technology installations or solar-thermal power stations. The subject of renewable energies (e.g. from wind, water, sun and geothermics) should not be neglected.

Not only a high efficiency and low pollutant emissions but also a high flexibility of the power stations are required.

Against this background, the operating pressures and the temperatures (amongst other parameters) are increasing in the power stations. These elevated temperatures and pressures necessitate the utilisation of specific high-temperature-resistant materials. In relation to their processing by means of welding technology, these new material concepts are provided with narrow tolerance windows with regard to the heat control parameters.

In the case of the components of a power station (e.g. collectors, pressure lines and pipelines, heat exchangers, membrane walls and finned tubes, steel structures and scaffolds as well as heating boilers), the range of the utilised materials is so diverse that their peculiarities necessitate special know-how in welding and testing technology, including the relevant corrosion protection.

During the implementation of company strategies, particular significance is attached to the correspondingly qualified and trained specialist personnel, from the welding engineer right up to the qualified mirror welder, the corrosion protection inspector as well as correspondingly qualified testing supervisors.

GSI provides you with support and advice with regard to all questions for everything to do with the subjects of materials, joining processes, testing procedures, corrosion protection as well as personnel qualification and training.

All over the world and everything from one source.

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