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Important terms of reference for the engineers in automobile construction relate to the consistent implementation of lightweight construction. In this respect, the material mix and design in the body shell play an absolutely decisive role. In addition to aluminium, hot-formed and ultrahigh-strength steels are thus often utilised as the materials in large-scale series. Solely by using this matrial mix for lightweight construction was it possible to provide the body shell structure of a medium-size vehicle with a design which was approx. 40 kilogrammes lighter.

The German automobile industry is present all over the world and, since 2010, the German automobile industry has produced more cars abroad than at home. However, not only the manufacturers are represented on the international level but the German component suppliers also have a large proportion of their fabrication facilities abroad. Thus, the proportion of the German component suppliers‘ production facilities abroad has nearly doubled in recent years.

This strong growth in the foreign production in the past years, the efforts of various countries to bring the production back to their own countries, the subject of electromobility, reducing the CO2 emissions and the increased lightweight construction are placing demands on Germany as a location.The selection of the suitable and best joining processes (such as welding , brazing, adhesive bonding or hybrid processes) plays a particular role in the case of lightweight construction.

During the implementation of company strategies, particular significance is attached to the correspondingly qualified and trained specialist personnel, from the welding engineer right up to the welding supervisor for automated installations for resistance welding as well as correspondingly qualified testing supervisors.

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