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Laser beam welding of plastics


Company engineers and technicians, welding supervisors, constructors


The laser radiation is long and very successful established as a flexible tool in various fields of metal processing. Not only in the field of metals but also in the field of plastics the laser beam welding is used more and more. Whether in the automotive sector, the aerospace technology or the medical technology it became irreplaceable. Through the growing know-how in the process technology it presents more and more applications.

The joining of plastics is an application which gains topicality in the course of lightweight construction, miniaturisation and new products. Plastics have been used to join for decades, i.a. by mirror welding or with ultasound. The demands to the joining quality, geometry etc. of the components has though increased so much, that the classical joining procedures can't fulfill the required measures.

The laser beam welding is due to its manifold possible applications a innovative and economic joining procedure in the industry. Not only in the large scale but also in small scale production it can increase productivity because of its technical and economic advantages.