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Certified Welding Inspector

What does a Certified Welding Inspector do?

In order to ensure the safety of steel structures or parts of it the American Welding Society (AWS) has established fundamental welding codes. An AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) is responsible to ensure that weldments are made according to these codes (e. g. AWS Code Book D1.1) via conducting welding inspections.

The purpose of these inspections is to determine the quality of weldments and their conformance to the specifications of the AWS Code Books. Since the AWS Code Books are internationally renowned and are applied not only in the American market, but also throughout the world, a CWI plays a key role when it comes to meeting international criteria in welding. Thus more and more international companies rely on CWIs to ensure the highest level of quality of workmanship.

A CWI therefore must be familiar with welding processes, welding procedures, welding qualifications, materials, the limitation of weld testing, he must be able to read drawings, prepare and keep records, prepare and make reports and make responsible judgments.

On account of this significant role in international construction industry the GSI mbH, branch SLV Munich, offers in cooperation with Hobart Institute and the American Welding Society a two week preparation course for the purpose to enable participants to be prepared for the examination. Groundwork of this course is AWS Code Book D 1.1. It is offered in English at our branch SLV Munich.


Contents of the Preparation Course

  • welding processes and procedures
  • destructive and non-destructive inspections
  • metallurgy
  • AWS Code Book D1.1

See our flyer below for more information.


The examination itself is operated by AWS and consists of 3 parts:

Part A – Fundamentals                  (150 questions)
Part B – Practical                             (46 questions)
Part C – Code Book D1.1                  (46 questions)

IIW diploma holders (IWE, IWT, IWS, IWI) who are seeking to become a CWI, will be exempt from testing to the Part A exam and are required to pass the Part B and Part C exams to obtain their credential.

CWI certification is granted when the applicant meets a 72 % score in the above mentioned examination parts. Regulations of AWS require that parts A and C of the examination must be written at a Prometric Test Center, while part B must be taken at an agency of AWS: SLV Munich. The Part A and Part C exams can be written at the earliest 5 days and at the latest 60 days after the end of the course. Please find a Prometric Test Center, that is convenient for you, at:

Supplementary notes

  • The date for the next Part B examination will be 07/04/2024.
  • The Code Book D 1.1, edition 2020 and a scientific calculator (not programmable) are required at the beginning of the course. You can order the Code Book at AWS.
  • The Part B Examination will be on thursday, 07/04/2024.
  • The lessons will be from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • This course will be executed in English.
  • Due to the correspondence with AWS, the deadline for the announcement is 06/04/2024.
  • To become a CWI you only have to pass the examination.
  • To pass the examination it is rather useful to be well prepared by a preparation course or refreshmentday(s).
  • You will need applications for both: the examination and the preparation course.


Requirements for your application at AWS

In order to get the permission to take part in the examination, please send the following completed application forms to GSI mbH, Branch SLV Munich before the deadline expires:

Please send the completed forms via e-mail

Fees for the course and the examinations


Preparation course                                                                   € 3,950,-

Examination AWS Test Fee                                                     € 1,135,-

Examination Retest Fee for 2 Parts                                        € 790,-

Examination Retest Fee for 1 Parts                                         € 460,-

9 year Re-Certification by Part B Exam                                   € 1051,-

Refreshment-training each day                                               € 390,-

Administration- and shipmentcosts for                                  € 590,-


Contact person

SLV München

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