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Overview audits


Audits are just as much one of the typical investigation activities as, for example, tests or inspections. In this respect, the "audit" term is, according to the definitions, usually reserved for the (management) systems but is colloquially used for processes or products too. 

The audit itself serves to obtain complete information about the stipulated requirements. These stipulations may result, for example, from legal regulations, standards, technical specifications, product specifications etc.

Within the framework of certification, the audit constitutes just one part of the entire certification process but the one with the most stringent requirements on the specialist and social competence of the auditors. 

Auditors - Neutral partners

Our auditors are a part of our internationally oriented network. Since they have extensive experience in the laws, the standards and the audit programmes, they are regularly deployed for audits worldwide. 

Thus, we ensure that audits are carried out according to the same quality standards and on the same high quality level. For our customers, this means that our audit conclusions are based on a globally comparable foundation.

In addition, GSI's auditors can also call upon a big team of other specialist auditors from the most diverse subject areas so that a combination of various audits is possible too.


Audit activities

Depending on who the client for an audit is, GSI's auditors can carry out different types of audits: