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Efficient thermal spraying that meets quality standards requires special technical skills and knowledge

Thermisches Spritzen
Thermisches Spritzen

For more than 15 years, GSI mbH, Branch SLV Munich is involved in thermal spraying and its national and international committees creating, introducing and keeping alive standards and guideline for certification, education and training.

The meanwhile created and internationally accepted EWF-education and training guidelines of supervising personnel and thermal spray workers involve also the ISO standards of the Thermal Spraying Co-ordinator (ISO 12690) and the Testing of Thermal Sprayers (ISO 14918).

An important element of such a course of training is also conveying knowledge about "where and how" concerning information sources and contacts as well as the exchange of experiences between participants. Course participants are highly motivated by a qualification certificate, which significantly benefits the company as well. Experts with fundamental and advanced theoretical expertise and many years of practical experience in a specific area are the lecturers of the training sessions and coursework.

Currently we offer the following EWF-course in English language:


Rolf Huber

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Annegret Ohliger-Volmer

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